Dec 22, 2018

KIX - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 KIX Set List:  Hot Wire, Midnite Dynamite, Same Jane, *BLOW MY FUSE IN IT’S ENTIRETY* Red Lite, Get It While It’s Hot, No Ring Around Rosie, Don’t Close Your Eyes, She Dropped Me The Bomb, Cold Blood, Piece of Pie, Boomerang, Blow My Fuse, Dirty Boys, ENCORE: Sex, Top Down, Girl Money

 Steve Whiteman and the dirty boys from Hagerstown performed their annual KIX-Mas show at Ram’s Head to a sold out Baltimore crowd.  Blue Mascara, stone washed jeans, teased hair, and white high top sneakers made it feel like the M3 Rock Fest had arrived early on this chilly December eve!

 Opening with “Hot Wire” which has an awesome AC/DC styled intro, KIX rocked the crowd with 3 classics before digging into the  ”Blow My Fuse” era.  The record that put the band on the map with “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is considered their best record by most fans alike and Whiteman commented that he knew they had made it when radio DJ Casey Kasem announced “Don’t Close You’re Eyes” on his syndicated radio show.

 The show itself was standard and the outside of some setlist changes the only major difference in this show was the closer.  Before launching into “Girl Money” which was the nights closer Whiteman said they would not be performing “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” which they always close with because after 30 years they need a break from that song.   They promise to bring “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”  back next year.  When the hammer/balloon bit happened at the end of “Girl Money” the 2018 KIX-Mas event was officially over.  KIX will play Maryland again at the 2019 M3 Rock Fest, they are the headliner on Friday Night, May 3, 2019.

Author: Bob Suehs