Feb 9, 2019

Like A Storm / Royal Tusk - Metro Gallery

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Baltimore, Maryland

Metro Gallery

 New Zealand based Like A Storm performed to a sold out crowd at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery on a chilly February evening with direct support from Georgia based rockers Black Tusk.

 Royal Tusk are a Canadian act and formed in 2011.  Their twin guitar attack was leveled out by a strong rhythm section which kept each song tight.  A surprise cover of “Cochise” by Audioslave was performed towards the end of their set and this was the highlight of their stage time because lead singer Daniel Carriere did a solid performance with his take on Chris Cornell’s vocals.  Interesting sidenote:  Royal Tusk sold a shirt at their merch booth which looked similar to a design by the band Rush.  

 Like A Storm utilized the entire stage with large video screens which projected images of Oujia boards, clouds, water, and random art which enhanced the bands performance.

 Formed in 2005, the band is comprised of 3 brothers and a drummer.  Chris Brooks is the lead singer/guitarist/didgeridoo player, Matt Brooks is the Lead guitarist/vocalist, Kent Brooks is the bassist, and Zach Woods is the drummer.

 Post Grunge mixed with elements of Nu-Metal, Like A Storm have a sound that’s unique and both Chris & Matt take turns singing lead vocals; this gives the bands sound a nice variation and offers the listener a break from just one particular style of vocals.

 The crowd screamed almost every word to almost every song, the band delivered an intense performance, and Baltimore was treated to a strong set that no one in attendance will soon forget.

 There were 4 Didgeridoo’s on the stage which were set amongst 2 large skeletons which added a “Metal” feel to the stage.  Towards the middle of the set Chris asked the crowd if they wanted to hear an “old school” track and the band performed a metal rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise” which sounded great but felt a tad odd coming from an extremely vanilla metal band.

 There were backing tracks and some samples which enhanced the bands performance but overall the guitar/bass/drums and vocals were live.

Like A Storm have a new record in stores titled "Catacombs" which is their heaviest release to date and the band performed several new songs from the record which went over quite well.

 All in all this was a strong set from Like A Storm and the band told the crowd that they would be back soon so look for Like A Storm to be on tour all year long in 2019 and catch them if you can when they play your town!

Author: Bob Suehs