Feb 18, 2019

Corrosion of Conformity - Ottobar

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 Corrosion of Conformity Set List:  Stonebreaker, Wiseblood, Wolf Named Crow, Born Again For The Last Time, The Door, Diablo Blvd., Is It That Way, Vote With A Bullet, Seven Days, Paranoid Opioid, Who’s Got The Fire, Albatross, ENCORE:  Clean My Wounds

 The Obsessed Set List:  Climate of Despair, Mourning, Skybone, Sacred, Street Side, Red Disaster, A World Apart, Neatz Brigade

 Texas based Stoner rockers Mothership kicked the night off with a distortion drenched set that oozed groove, swagger, and sweat.  Brothers Kyle (Bass) and Kelley (Guitar) keep the energy up front while drummer Judge Smith anchors the back of the stage with his thunderous drumming.

 During Mothership’s set there was a slight equipment issue which caused the band to perform a blues jam.  Kelley’s guitar died and that required a quick set up change; the rhythm section kept the crowd entertained with a mini jam that morphed into the bands final song of the evening.

 When Wino and the Obsessed took the stage all hell broke loose!  Sonic booms emanated from Wino’s all metal guitar; the rhythm section (Reid Raley (bass) and Brian Costantino (drums)) left no gaps unfilled with constant dark grooves.

 For Wino and The Obsessed this show was a homecoming since they are Maryland based.  The local crowd showed them love and for their set the entire crowd was fixated on the 3 men on that stage.  Members of Corrosion of Conformity were sidestage and at one point Wino acknowledged that Pepper Keenan was there by smiling and nodding at him.

 With the grace of a bulldozer, The Obsessed ended their set just as it started; loud, chunky, and earth shattering.

 Kirk and the boys in Crowbar followed The Obsessed with a set that churned out an interesting mix of Doom Metal coupled with Sludgy Stoner Rock.  Kirk wears his influences on his sleeve(s), literally.  Looking at Kirk’s tattoos you could see a Twisted Sister logo behind one ear, a Judas Priest razor on the side of his neck, a Motorhead logo on one leg, an Iron Maiden tattoo on the other leg, a Type O Negative logo on his hand, while wearing a Saxon shirt and playing an Ibanez Iceman KISS/Paul Stanley guitar which sported a Paul Stanley signature truss rod cover.

 Crowbar opened with “All I Had I Gave” which is arguably their biggest/only hit which received minor airplay on the old Headbanger’s Ball/MTV back in the day.

 Kirk tries to come off as intense but his love for the music, fans, and his overall appreciation for all things Heavy Metal show that he is a metal geek at heart who loves his craft.


Interesting sidenote(s):  

Corrosion of Conformity’s tech was none other than Mr. Reid Raley who performed double duty on this tour because he is also the bass player for The Obsessed.

 Corrosion of Conformity had a set list on the stage but did not follow it at all.  After the first 3 songs the set list went out “The Door”.  “Dealers Choice” was listed as an option but Pepper got caught up in the moment and instead of doing 1 “dealers choice” he did 2 back to back which caused “Senor Limpio” to be cut from the set.  Towards the end of the show “13 Angels” was cut from the set.  Fans yelled, “Deep Cut” for the encore but Pepper said “NO!” and went into an extended version of “Clean My Wounds”.

 Former COC drum tech John Green is the current touring drummer for Corrosion of Conformity.  It’s unclear when/if original drummer Reed Mullins will return due to family related issues.  With the core of COC in tact Pepper, Woody, and Mike keep the brand of COC alive and well.

 Corrosion took the stage with “La Grange” by ZZ Top as their intro.  Casual Fans assume that COC use Gibson SG guitars based off their body shape but if you look close at the headstock COC use ESP guitars.  Pepper debuted a new white LTD deluxe model on this tour.

 COC sounded amazing, their guitar tone was perfection, style was a proper mix of punk, hard rock, and southern rock proper, and the audience was an interesting mix of metal kids surrounded by old school hardcore kids.  I say “kids” in jest because the bulk of the crowd were in their 40’s and the ticket price of $40 for this show seemed a proper fit considering there were 4 kick ass rock bands.

 The show ended a few minutes after 11:30 PM with Pepper and the boys thanking the crowd as they exited the stage. The COC merch table featured some cool shirt designs with an average price of $30.  There was a long line waiting to buy merch at the end of the night and Baltimore sold out the Ottobar for COC on this cold Monday night.

Author: Bob Suehs