Mar 7, 2019

Graveyard / Uncle Acid - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 Uncle Acid set list:  I See Through You, Waiting for Blood, Mt. Abraxas, Mind Crawler, Death's Door, Shockwave City, Crystal Spiders, Dead Eyes of London, Pusher Man, I'll Cut You Down, Blood Runner, 13 Candles,  Melody Lane, No Return

 Graveyard set list:  Walk On, Please Don’t, The Fox, Hisingen Blues, Uncomfortably Numb, Bird of Paradise, Cold Love, Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt), Hard Times, Lovin’An Industry of Murder, It Ain't Over Yet, Goliath, Magnetic Shunk, Encore: Low (I Wouldn't Mind), Ain't Fit to Live Here, The Siren

 Doom metal disciples Graveyard & Uncle Acid destroyed Baltimore on a balmy March evening. The entire downstairs of Rams Head Live was packed with an interesting mix of old school stoners, hippie converts, and freaks alike who came to witness a true doom/stoner rock show.

 Uncle acid took the stage at 8pm with an hour long set. The band are a grimy looking gang; long haired scalawags who came armed with electric guitars and a backdrop which displayed occult themed projections throughout their set.

 Their latest release, "Wasteland" was released in October of 2018 and shows musical growth from within the band.  Lead singer/guitarist Kevin Starrs is the primary writer/mastermind behind Uncle Acid and his slender frame makes him appear praying mantis like at times as he whales on his guitar while slightly hunching over when he sings.  Starrs remains hidden under his hair and a cover of darkness for most of Uncle Acids stage time.

 Uncle Acid delivered a fuzz toned riff rock set which blended psychedelic and doom quite beautifully.  Uncle Acid also brought along an interesting set of merch which included a vintage looking raglan ($25), cool occult themed shirts ($20), and metal pins ($5) all of which were reasonably priced and sold quite well 

 Graveyard have been around since 2006 and the main force behind the band has always been lead singer/guitarist Joakim Nilsson.

 Graveyard had a roadie sage all of their gear prior to them taking the stage and upon their entry of the stage the entire area spelled of incense.  

 Graveyard delivered an old school 70s sounding riff rock set.  Every noise heard while the band was onstage was 100% live and it was refreshing to witness a true live performance. 

 Joakim Nilsson played a red Gibson and the only thing bigger than his guitar were the riffs he played.  

 In May of 2018 the band released their latest release, "Peace" and the band performed several tracks off of it alongside older classics.

 Graveyard have a straightforward rock sound and their live sound mix was excellent on this night.  Two guitars, bass, and drums were the main ingredients and Black Sabbath, Cream, and Blue Cheer were definitive influences on Graveyard's sound.

 The show wrapped up a few minutes after 11 pm; Doom rock icons Graveyard & Uncle Acid left a permanent impression on Baltimore and definitely earned some new fans while making older fans very happy with their amazing, sludge filled sets.

Author: Bob Suehs