Apr 1, 2019

Red Sun Rising - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 RED SUN RISING Set List:  Imitation, Amnesia, Veins, Emotionless, Bliss, Push, Clarity, Muse, El Lazo, Blister, Left For Dead, Otherside, Evil Like You, Stealing Life, Deathwish

 GOODBYE JUNE Set List:  Man Of The Moment, Good Side, Natural, Daisy, Darlin’, Bad Things, (Joan & Dylan), Get Happy, Live In The Now, Secrets, Oh No

 Red Sun Rising formed in 2006 in Akron, Ohio.  Their sound is straight up modern hard rock with clean vocals, brash rhythms, and low tuned guitars.  Their debut release, “Polyester Zeal” released in 2015 on Razor & Tie records boasted two Number 1 Mainstream Rock singles, “The Otherside” and “Emotionless”.  The bands second release “Thread” was released in March of 2018 and features the hit single “Deathwish” which blends several styles of music to create a unique modern day rock sound.  The bands latest release is an EP titled “Peel” and came out on March 22, 2019

 Goodbye June opened the show and their stage presence is best described as a Nashville bar band performing a bar styled set.  The band are comprised of 3 cousins, Landon (Vocals), Brandon (rhythm guitar), and Tyler (lead guitar).  The cousins are easy to spot because of their retro 70’s look.

 The name Goodbye June is a tribute to Tyler’s brother who passed away in June.

 Lead guitarist Tyler Baker is a slide master and his leads flavor every song in such a way that without his playing the band would lose their trademark sound.

 Singer Landon Melbourn has an interesting voice.  His ability to sing high then go low is what makes his vocals unique.  The highlight of the Goodbye June set was their last song, “Oh No” which mixes blues based hard rock with powerful Southern Rock groove; it’s the go to song if you want to check the band out!

 Red Sun Rising lead vocalist Mike Protich is an anomaly all unto himself.  His curly mullet and acid washed jeans did not match his amazing vocal range and spastic dance moves.  Ten minutes into their set bassist Ricky Miller handed his bass to Protich so he could play it; Miller picked up a Gibson Les Paul and went into a blistering solo.

 Lead guitarist Dave McGarry is an energetic performer and his guitar tone was equal parts thick and melodic.  His riffs are the foundation for the overall musical directive that is Red Sun Rising.

 Bassist Ricky Miller played piano at various moments in the set and his energy is second only to his musical skills.

 Drummer Pat Gerasia holds the band together with loud beats and on this night you could feel his bass drum when he pounded on it; this was an extremely loud show!

 “Amnesia” sounded amazing, “Emotionless” was sheer perfection, “Left For Dead” was bitter suit, and “Deathwish” was an amazing closer that left the crowd begging for more.

 Red Sun Rising have grown a lot over the years and this is the tightest the band has ever been onstage; this is a band on fire and you must see them to understand how amazing they are in concert!

Author: Bob Suehs