May 5, 2019

M3 Rock Festival 2019

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Columbia, Maryland

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STEVEN ADLER Set List:  Reckless Life, Night Train, Patience, Good To Be Bad, You Could Be Mine, Mr. Brownstone, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Rocket Queen, Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City

 Danger Danger Set List:  Rock America, Beat The Bullet, Under The Gun, Monkey Business, Don’t Walk Away, Don’t Blame It On Love, Naughty Naughty, Bang Bang

 L.A. GUNS Set List:  Over The Edge, Never Enough, Electric Gypsy, Slap In The Face, Sex Action, Wild Obsession, Kiss My Love Goodbye, Ballad of Jayne, Nothing Better To Do, No Mercy

 The 2019 M3 Rock Festival featured a rotating line up of the same acts which perform routinely at the festival.

 The three day festival featured all acts performing on one main stage and this years headliner was none other than Mr. David Coverdale and Whitesnake.

 Sunday’s headliner changed members; George Lynch cancelled his appearance with Dokken due to pneumonia.  Drummer Wild Mick Brown also called out sick for the Dokken reunion.

 Friday’s show featured Enuff Z Nuff and the only act to perform at every M3 festival, KIX.  The last 20 minutes of the night was marred by torrential downpour.

 Saturday was a mild, sunny day and we arrived as Ted Poley and Danger Danger were taking the stage.  Steve Brown was filling in on guitar and  sounded great with the band.  Steve has kept busy as a fill in player for Def Leppard, a member of Rubix Kube, and a touring member of the Dennis DeYoung band.

 The highlight of the Saturday M3 fest was the Steve Riley version of L.A. Guns.  This was the bands first onstage performance ever and they took the stage with a rockin’ rendition of “Over The Edge” which led into a slick cover of “Never Enough”.

 L.A. Guns lead singer Kurt Frohlich is a great frontman and his guitar playing gives the band a full sound.  Kurt adds a youthful feel to the band and his energy is heads above that of Phil Lewis.

 Lead guitarist Scott Griffin was formerly the bass player for the Phil Lewis version of L.A. Guns and he did a great job recreating the Tracii Guns licks.  Scott’s energy onstage amped up the performance and gave the Phil/Tracii version of L.A. Guns a true run for their money.

 Kelly Nickels has been absent from L.A. Guns for over a decade and his appearance at the 2019 M3 Rock Fest made the afternoon a special affair.

 Following the bands set, all 4 members went to the merch table to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.  In an era where most bands charge for their meet and greets it was refreshing to witness the band interacting with fans for FREE!

 Steven Adler was next and his new singer sounds better than current day AXL Rose!  Ari Kamin is his name and for the most part his vocals were spot on with just an occasional break where you could hear his accent which through off the near perfect AXL imitation.

At the merch table autographed Steven Adler drumsticks were available for $25

 Michael Thomas formerly of Faster Pussycat filled in on guitar and played the role of Slash quite well.  “Rocket Queen” was the highlight of the Adler set and they closed with “Paradise City” which brought the house down.

 Firehouse performed next and their set lacked the energy and intensity that Adler had.  It was at this point that we conducted an interview with Kelly Nickels from L.A. Guns and decided to leave the fest before the rain came in.

 Sunday featured Vince Neil, Skid Row, and Dokken but due to the steady, all day rain we decided to call it a wrap for M3 Rock Fest 2019.

Author: Bob Suehs