May 13, 2019

Black Label Society / Conan - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live


BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Set List:  Intro, Bored To Tears, The Rose Petalled Garden, Hey You, Suicide Messiah, Born To Lose, Peddlers of Death, Mother Mary, Trampled Down Below, All That Once Shined, Room of Nightmares, Bridges to Cross, Spoke In The Wheel, In This River, The Blessed Hellride, A Love Unreal, Fire It Up (Zakk in crowd), Concrete Jungle, ENCORE:  Stillborn


Conan Set List:  Prosper/Eyez, Gravity Chasm, Throne of FIre, Volt Thrower, Foe Hammer, Weapon, Incantation


 Zakk Wylde is the last great American guitar god and his touring band of heavy metal pirates best known as the Black Label Society descended upon the Baltimore area on a Monday evening with openers Conan and Atomic Bitchwax as support.

 Zakk has had the last few months off from the Ozzy Osbourne band and this tour was a celebration of the BLS record “Sonic Brew” which turns 20 years old in 2019.

 British doom metal titans Conan opened the show.  Hailing from Liverpool, England, and completed with sludge styled riffs, the three men in Conan perform 100% live onstage with no tracks, samples, or backing tapes.  The bands music is much like Conan The Barbarian; strong, savage, and intense.

 Currently Conan are touring in support of their 2018 Napalm Records release "Existential Void Guardian".

 Conan delivered a 30 minute set with songs that bled into each other in a way that made it feel like the 30 minutes of music was truly one long song played in the key of gloom. 

 Conan were a great opener and they paved the way for the 2nd act on the bill, New Jersey's own, Atomic Bitchwax. Featuring members of Monster Magnet, Bitchwax played an organic style of stoner rock reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple,  and Blue Cheer.

 At the Black Label Society merch booth a limited edition, hand signed poster was available for $20 and sold out before Zakk started his set.

 Zakk Wylde walked on stage sporting a red plaid kilt, denim BLS biker vest, and his long blonde locks are equal in length to his forever flowing beard.  Zakk seemed healthier and his performance was flawless.

 Performing a set that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Black Label's release, "Sonic Brew", Zakk and company covered all of the bases set wise and the show highlight was when Zakk and Dario performed solos in the crowd during an extended jam of "Fire It Up".

 This show was not sold out but for a Monday night in Baltimore it was an impressive crowd.  The live sound mix was  too loud at times and some of Zakk's solo were lost in the mix.  

 During "In This River" 2 large banners covered the amp cabinets; the left side features Vinnie Paul while the right side had Dimebag Darrell and Zakk dedicated the song to them.

Author: Bob Suehs