Jul 9, 2019

Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie - Royal Farms Arena

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“Twins of Evil - Hell Never Dies Tour 2019”


Baltimore, MD

Royal Farms Arena

ROB ZOMBIE Set List: Demonoid Phenomenon, Superbeast, Living Dead Girl, More Human Than Human, The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore, Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown, In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire, We All Get High, Well Everybody's Fucking in a U.F.O., Pussy Liquor, Thunder Kiss ’65, ENCORE:  Helter Skelter, Dragula

MARILYN MANSON Set List:  Angel With the Scabbed Wings, The Love Song, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Rock Is Dead, This Is the New Shit, The Nobodies, The Dope Show, If I Was Your Vampire / Say10, Sweet Dreams, Antichrist Superstar, The Beautiful People (Note:  mOBSCENE was listed on the setlist but not played)

SPOILER ALERT:  Neither Manson nor Zombie played new songs from their forthcoming records!

 Before I start this review allow me to tell an interesting footnote:  The first time I saw Marilyn Manson live was in 1994 at the Baltimore Arena when Mr. Manson was opening for Nine Inch Nails.  25 years later Mr. Manson returned to the same venue and it’s interesting how the band has changed over the years. 

The third installment of the Twins of Evil tour kicked off in Baltimore, Maryland on a humid July evening. 

 Palaye Royale were slated to open the show at 7 PM but due to technical issues their set began a little after 7:15 PM.

 Manson's set was originally scheduled for 8 PM but he took the stage after 8:30 PM thus pushing back Rob Zombie's start time to 10 PM. The entire show was wrapped up by 11 PM

 Palaye Royale offered the crowd a slightly heavier set which opened with "F**king With My Head" and featured a slammin cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Iggy Pop.

 The crowd seemed very mixed with their feelings for Palaye, some were into it while others seemed bored. Palaye Royale brought a high energy show and left their blood on the stage in Baltimore. 

 The merch stand featured an interesting assortment of new shirts and hoodies from Manson & Zombie as well as a few "Twins of Evil" joint merch items including a hoodie and poster which featured Manson & Zombie in "The Shining" inspired artwork.

 Manson took the stage just as "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin was ending.  The irony is that John 5 & Piggy D would perform said song during the Zombie set!

 This show marked the debut of new Marilyn Manson drummer Brandon Pertzborn.  During "Beautiful People" Manson made Pertzborn stop drumming  for a minute which created a weird and unique breakdown in the song; it's unclear if this was a planned break or if it was impromptu. 

 "If I Was Your Vampire" was a nice added surprise to the setlist but it was clearly not stage ready as Mr. Manson told guitarist Wiley to stop and restart it because it did not sound good.

 Gone are the dual guns in the background; they are replaced with a gothic riser which Manson uses throughout the evening.

 During "The Nobodies" it snowed, "Sweet Dreams" featured Manson on stilts,  "Dope Show" saw Manson wearing his feather coat, and "Antichrist Superstar" had Manson on the podium in a white pope's robe burning a bible!

 If I'm being honest it felt like the band needed more rehearsal time to iron out some of the bugs because understandably this was the first show of the tour, but, the band had a bit of rust they needed to shake off.

 Rob Zombie took the stage like a well oiled machine with perfect timing, high energy, and typical Rob cliche’s like giant dancing robots and non stop occult imagery.

 Rob joked that he always said the 90's sucked, but looking back on it he’s realized that the 90's were actually great because back then the audiences would mosh and have fun compared to now, people pay more attention to their phones than the show.

 John 5 wears make-up that matches his onstage persona quite well.  John had large amounts of spit dangling from his mouth at any given times solo’s infuse old school rock sounds to what Rob Zombie does.

 Piggy D is a man of many masks and his monster bass guitars are beyond unique!

 It’s hard to watch Rob Zombie’s band without thinking about the “Holywood” era of Marilyn Manson; when Manson lost Ginger (drums) and John (guitar) he lost 2 amazing players!

 The encore was supposed to feature Manson & Zombie performing "Helter Skelter" together but Rob told the crowd that Manson decided to leave early so he would not be joining him. 

 The crowd was an interesting mix of old & young fans, the opening night had a few glitches but nothing too bad, and despite low ticket sales it was a fun evening.

 There was a staggering amount of bootleg t-shirt sellers outside the venue and while I do not condone buying bootleg shirts I will advise you to always offer $5 because at the end of the night they will sell all shirts for that price!

Marilyn Manson has been working with Shooter Jennings on a new record which is slater for release later this year.  Manson has stated that the record will be self titled and is a new beginning for him.  Manson parted ways with long time collaborator Tyler Bates early in 2019.

Rob Zombie has the movie "Three From Hell" coming out in September, 2019 and he will release new music later this year.

Author: Bob Suehs