Jul 26, 2019

The Old Firm Casuals - Rock N Roll Hotel

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Washington, D.C.

Rock N Roll Hotel

 The Old Firm Casuals Set List: Get Out Of Our Way, Perry Boys, Election Day, Breakout, Off With Their Heads, Butcher’s Banquet, Lone Wolf, Apocalypse Redux, Motherland, Golden Fall, Thunderbolt, Casual Rock N Roll, This Means War, Born Criminal, Traitor, Wolves of War, Hell’s A Lot Better 

 The Old Firm Casuals are:  Rancid main man Lars Frederiksen on guitar/vocals, Casey Watson on bass/vocals, Paul Rivas on drums, and Gabe Gavriloff on lead guitar.

 The band has been around for 10 years, released 3 full length records, and their sound is a mix of AC/DC meets Motorhead meets GBH.  Featuring an in your face - full on guitar attack, the bands material displays a proper amount of  singable moments with anthemic choruses which make their material instantly memorable.

 Lars and the boys destroyed the Rock N Roll Hotel in D.C. with an hour long set that rocked hard from start till finish!

 The Take were direct support for the show and two of their members are from prestigious NYC Hardcore acts.  Guitarist/Vocalist Scott Roberts is a former member of Biohazard and drummer Will Shepler is from Agnostic Front/Madball.  Tossed in the bands set were covers from Madball and Bad Religion.  

 Random factoid, regarding Scott’s primary black Gibson SG which he played for the entire set at this show.  If you look closely at his volume/tone knobs it was obvious that his pick up toggle switch was in an odd place; I asked him if he made that modification to his guitar or if it was a custom model and he told me that he made the modification himself.

 Musically, The Take are an interesting mix of hardcore meets hard rock and the crowd definitely enjoyed their set!

 The Old Firm Casuals took the stage in a no frills manner with each member of the band checking their respective instruments and within 5 minutes the band started their set with a heavy rocker simply titled, “Get Out Of Our Way” which set the pace for their high energy set.

 Each member of The O.F. Casuals present their own style and energy onstage. That energy creates an amazing combination of 70’s riff rock, hardcore, punk, elements of metal, and truly fun vibes which spread throughout the band.

 The back of Lars ESP guitar featured a GI Joe Cobra emblem.  Lars is clearly the center of attention due to his affiliation with Rancid but that fact is easily forgotten once you witness The Old Firm Casuals because this band is their own thing apart from what Rancid is!

 Casey Watson sings several songs in the set and his style is best described as controlled chaos because his vocals are gruff and strong while his bass playing holds the rhythm section together with a style that’s all his own.

 Lead guitarist Gabe G. is the bands secret weapon!  His playing is second only to his onstage dancing and energy!  Gabe performed onstage with passion, power, and pure rock n roll energy!  His tatted head says Skinhead but his presence onstage is reminiscent of an amped up Rick Neilsen from Cheap Trick.

 Drummer Paul Rivas holds down the fort, he’s a solid drummer with a flawless backbeat and his contributions to the band are unmistakable.

 The Old Firm Casuals sounded amazing, Lars took the time to chat with the crowd, he cracked jokes, admitted to being a nerd that enjoyed He-Man, and even referenced the TV show Good Times by mentioning J.J. Walker totally randomly.

 The Old Firm Casuals are an exceptional live act and when they roll through your part of the world you should definitely check them out.  They are raw, live, and real!

Author: Bob Suehs