Aug 16, 2019

A Pale Horse Named Death - Fish Head Cantina

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Fish Head Cantina

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH Set List:  The Woods Tribal Intro, To Die In Your Arms, Devil In The Closet, Love The Ones You Hate, Sleeping Death, Shallow Grave, Vultures, Growing Old, Fell In My Hole, Pill Head, Splinters, Crows Descend, Cracks In The Walls, Die Alone, Killer By Night, Closure

 The second night of the A Pale Horse Named Death US Tour saw the band performing at Fish Head Cantina in Maryland to a rather small but very intense crowd.

 The Destruct Principle performed directly before APHND and their theatrical performance was one part The Exorcist, two parts Marilyn Manson.  Destroyed bibles, crossdressing, corpse paint, and satanic themes were par for the course during the bands set.

 Lead Singer Sal Abruscato is best known for his drumming with Life of Agony and Type O Negative.  These days he plays guitar and sings for his own project, A Pale Horse Named Death.  The music he creates is an interesting mix of doom metal meets grunge.  The triple guitar attack onstage creates a thick wall of sound and emulates the mood and darkness that IS A Pale Horse Named Death.

 It’s no surprise that the band has a dark sense of humor, their sarcastic New York demeanor is evident and there are definitely elements of Type O Negative in everything APHND do.

 The bands latest release entitled, “When The World Becomes Undone” was released on January 18, 2019 and the band will be on tour in support of the record throughout the rest of 2019.

 Johnny Kelly’s hard hitting beats are the backbone to what APHND deliver onstage and he told us prior to their set that the band were heading overseas once the US leg of their tour ends.

 Joe Taylor, Eddie Heedles, and of course Mr. Sal Abruscato deliver a triple guitar attack but what’s noticable almost immediately is that Sal does not always play guitar when he sings which is why the added guitars are needed for the live show and sound.

 Bassist Eric Morgan hold down the fort with solid bass playing but at times he gets lost in the treble soaked guitar drones; having 3 guitarist onstage who all play different rhythms leaves an odd space for bass lines at times.  The slower, simple songs are where Eric shines.

 “Come as You Are” by Nirvana and “Come Together” by The Beatles were teased during moments where Sal interacted with the crowd and joked that they were new, un-finished tracks.  

 This show was hotter than hell and I mean that literally; Sal joked that his back p*ssy was a sweaty mess and the entire band, along with the crowd, were sweating their asses off.  The club was extremely hot and if there had been a large crowd it would have been almost unbearable.

 APHND delivered a 90+ minute set and this show featured the live debut of “Fell In My Hole”.  

 This show had no frills, it was as simple as the clothes on the band members backs; meat and potatoes, jeans and t-shirts, turn it to 10 and let it rock!

Author: Bob Suehs