Sep 21, 2019

Rancid- Mecu Pavilion

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Baltimore, Maryland

Mecu Pavilion

 RANCID Set List:  Roots Radical, Radio, Journey To The End of The East Bay, Maxwell Murder, The 11th Hour, Last One To Die, East Bay Night, Dead Bodies, Ghost of a Chance, Telegraph Avenue, Black & Blue, Old Friend, Where I’m Going, Nihilism, Rejected, Olympia WA, It’s Quite Alright, Fall Back Down, ENCORE:  The Wars End (Lars Solo), Tenderloin, Time Bomb, Ruby Soho

 Suicidal Tendencies Set List:  You Can’t Bring Me Down, I Shot Reagan, Two Sided Politics, Possessed, Freedumb, Sublimal, Possesed To Skate, Institutionalized, Lovely, Cyco Vision, Pledge

 One of the coolest, most down to earth shows of the Summer concert season took place when Rancid brought their 2019 tour to downtown Baltimore on a mellow Saturday afternoon in September.

 The show started off with an open mic unplugged set from locals.  The day truly started when Aquabats began their set with an over the top stage presentation which featured band members who look like Captain America rejects.

 Aquabats set was fun, light weight, and featured quite a few inflatable pool toys which the band tossed out so the crowd could interact with them; in a sense the audience was like a giant pool party.

 Suicidal Tendencies were next and their energy was opposite from The Aquabats.  Mike Muir took the stage with fire, fury, and frenzy as he led the band through hits like “You Can’t Bring Me Down” and “Lovely”.  “Institutionalized” was the song that made the crowd go ape shit and featured Mike singing in the crowd.  Mike did his best to interact with the entire audience, literally, as he ran through the entire venue throughout the bands set.

 The current incarnation of Suicidal Tendencies is a ravenous beast and their set was clearly the heaviest part of the evening.

 Pennywise were next and their Cali-punk style was loved by the crowd.  “Territorial Pissing” by Nirvana was covered during their set as well as “Stand By Me”.

 Rancid were the nights headliner and they did not disappoint!  Lars took the stage with no intro, no warning, and went directly into “Roots Radical” which set the pace for a non stop punk rock n roll show that lasted until 10:30 PM.

 Rancid interacted with the crowd as if they were old friends.  Lars handed children up front guitar picks, set lists, and treated them like they were VIP’s.  The show was fast, fun, and over before you knew it.

 “Ruby Soho” was the last song of the night and it was clear that Baltimore loved Rancid.  Most audience members were singing, jumping, dancing, and having the time of their lives at this show.  When the show ended Lars stayed onstage and handed out every single guitar pick, set list, etc., that was onstage and thanked every member of the audience who came up to the stage.

Author: Bob Suehs