Sep 22, 2019

Alterbridge / Dirty Honey - Mecu Pavilion

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Baltimore, Maryland

Mecu Pavilion

 ALTERBRIDGE Set List:  One Life, Wouldn’t You Rather, Isolation, Buried Alive, Pay No Mind, Rise Today, Ghost of Days Gone By, Waters Rising, Addicted To Pain, In The Deep, Cry of Achilles, Blackbird, Open Your Eyes

 SKILLET Set List:  Feel Invincible, Not Gonna Die, You Ain’t Ready, Whispers In The Dark, Legendary, Awake and Alive, Back From The Dead, Hero, Undefeated, Victorious, Monster, The Resistance

 DIRTY HONEY Set List:  Scars, Break You, Heartbreaker, Down The Road, When I’m Gone, Rolling 7’s

 On a late September evening, it was a mild Sunday Night in downtown Baltimore… the stars were aligned and three top metal/hard rock acts were in town to rock Baltimore’s face off!

 The opening night of the “Victorious Sky” tour was a resounding success as all three bands delivered strong, in your face sets.  California based Dirty Honey opened the show and their stripped down, blues based rock sound glistened off Baltimore’s waterfront which surrounded the Mecu Pavilion.

 Musically speaking, Dirty Honey are an homage to arena rock and their style is pure, raw, and real.

 Dirty Honey vocalist Marc LaBelle has an amazing voice and his style is somewhere between Myles Kennedy, Robert Plant, and Anthony Corder from Tora Tora.

 Marc took the stage sporting a 70’s styled jacket and striped pants.  Marc took his jacket off to later reveal an old school Guns N Roses shirt which is ironic considering they are gearing up to open for GNR.  Guitarist John Notto wore John Lennon styled circle glasses and striped pants while playing a Gibson Les Paul.  Bassist Justin Smolian rocked curley locks reminiscent of Guns N Roses guitarist Slash and the overall influence of Guns N Roses on Dirty Honey is impossible to miss.

 Dirty Honey brought a short opening set; their delivery was to the point and they clearly came on a mission:  They wanted to make Baltimore remember their name and by the end of their set the band had clearly earned a new batch of fans!

 “When I’m Gone” was the song that made the crowd go crazy but “Down The Road” was the song that showed just how versatile they are as a band.  Dirty Honey are going places, if you have not heard their music you soon will!

 Skillet were next and their religion is clearly their mission as they referenced the song “Hero” being about their hero, Jesus.

 Skillet brought the most theatrics to this show with mini platforms which rose to the top of the venue, steam guns, and a unique light show which made the outdoor amphitheater feel like a large arena.

Skillet are currently on in support of their latest release "Victorious" and at one point during the set John (bass/vocals) playfully kissed his wife Korey (guitarist) on the lips which seemed to take her by surprise.

The band gave a small speech about suicide and referenced Chester from Linkin Park.

 Alterbridge were the last band on the bill and their set was altered due to Myles not feeling well.  Myles took the stage wearing glasses and at first glance he looked more “adult” than usual; this was the only change in his onstage presence which was due to his illness.  Just before the song “Waters Rising” Myles addressed his illness by stating:

 “This is our maiden voyage of the tour in the United States with those guys (Skillet) and as my luck would have it I woke up this morning sick as a dog, so with that said, we’re gonna change the set a little bit and I’m gonna give it to Mr. Mark Tremonti to do a song!”

Mark Tremonti then replied: 

“Give it up for Mr Myles Kennedy for singing like a bird even though he’s sick!

 “Take The Crown” was removed from the setlist.

 “Ghost Of Days Gone By” sounded amazing, “Isolation” was intense, and “Addicted To Pain” was jaw dropping.  If Myles had not told the audience he was ill there were no actual signs of it because his vocals were flawless, his guitar playing was perfect, and the band sounded amazing overall.

 “Open Your Eyes” was Alterbridge’s closing number and they definitely made this Sunday night feel like a Saturday night!  At the merch stand you could buy a pair of Alterbridge socks for $15, guitar picks for $10, and most Alterbridge shirts were $25.

Author: Bob Suehs