Sep 29, 2019

Airbourne / Quiet Riot

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 “Boneshaker” is Airbourne’s fifth studio record and for their latest release they have enlisted Nashville’s #1 producer, six time Grammy Award winning Dave Cobb, best known for his work with Chris Stapleton and the “Star Is Born” soundtrack.

 “Boneshaker” is a 10 track record that hits hard, fast, and wastes no time with ballads, acoustics, keyboards, or filler.  Guitar riffs, screaming AC/DC styled vocals, and groovy rhythm anchor each song with true rock n roll integrity on this record.

 “Boneshaker” opens the record with a fire and fury that sets the pace for each track on this release.  

 This record features the newest member to Airbourne, guitarist Matt Harrison who replaces original guitarist David Roads.

 Lead singer/guitarist Joel O’Keefe sings his ass off on this record and if you’ve never seen the band before his personality, vibe, and energy are an integral part of all things Airbourne.

 “Rock N Roll For Life” sounds like an odd tribute to AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” and this song is the stand out rocker on this record.

 “Burnout The Nitro” is a true rock n roll gem and raises the bar with it’s gutsy overdrive.

 To be blunt with you, Airbourne are cut from the same cloth as AC/DC; you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy their record or see their live performance - No Frills, In Your Face Rock N Roll rowdiness played at 10.  

Here’s a little food for thought:  Why did Greta Van Fleet get so much flack for sounding like Led Zeppelin yet Aibourne never got criticized for sounding like AC/DC?

 “Boneshaker” comes out on October 25, 2019 with a tour to follow.


 Check out the latest single from Quiet Riot entitled "Heartbreak City" off their forthcoming release "Hollywood Cowboys" which will be released on November 8, 2019.  This record features lead vocals by James Durban though it was recently announced that James has left to pursue a solo career and former QR frontman Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate) has returned to the band.

Author: Bob Suehs