Oct 6, 2019

Alter Bridge - "Walk The Sky"

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“Walk The Sky”

Alter Bridge’s sixth studio record is a potent dose of intense, heartfelt, well written hard rock.  Myles Kennedy sings his ass off, Tremonti shreds on guitar, and the rhythm section is super tight.

 “One Life” opens the record with a solid minute of moody, melodious sounds which leads into “Wouldn’t You Rather” which is a hard rock explosion!  

 “In The Deep” has an interesting opening riff that leads into an upbeat metal riff.  Musically, this song changes tempos a fair amount and it explains the musical ability of each member.  There is a slight prog element to the song but it’s minimal.

 “Godspeed” starts off mellow and the mood for this one is melancholy yet desirable.  Myles has a vocal range which allows him to sing various styles and this song is a prime example;  it’s not as heavy as some Alter Bridge songs and displays a different side to both Myles and the band.  This song is a modern day power ballad and will be a radio hit if they release it as a single.

 “Native Son” starts off sounding like a song by The Cult but once the riff kicks in this rocker is pure Alter Bridge.

 “Take The Crown” has a slow build which leads into a tuned down, chunky riff that leads the entire track.  This is one of the best songs off this record.

 “Indoctrination” takes an artsy turn and the first minute of the song has a very stripped down feel.  This song sounds like it was inspired by the Alice in Chains “Dirt” record.

 “The Bitter End” is a well written, sentimental rocker.

 “Pay No Mind” has an interesting hook with a chunky groove.

 “Forever Falling” starts off with a classical sounding piece.  The music sounds like something meant for Halloween with a slightly gothic vibe/feel.  This is also one of the longer tracks on the record clocking in at a little over five minutes.

 “Clear Horizon” has a cool opening and leads well as an album deep cut.  At times it feels like this could have been a Dream Theater B-side.

 “Walking On The Sky” is the title track from this record and the tempo for this track alternates between heavy and mellow quite beautifully.  

 “Tear Us Apart” is another sure fire radio single if it gets released as a single. This one is instantly hummable, singable, and memorable.  Myles singing accompanies the guitar parts superbly.  This is the best song on this record.

 “Dying Light” is the longest track on the record at 5:47.  This epic closes the record in grand fashion.  

 Most tracks on this record open mellow and kick into the heaviness shortly thereafter.  This record is a journey into the musical ability and writing prowess that the members of Alter Bridge possess.  This record is amazing, dynamic, classy, and perfection on both a writing and performing level.

Author: Bob Suehs