Oct 23, 2019

Abbath / Obituary - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


ABBATH Set List:  Count The Dead, Bridges of Spasms, The Artifex, Harvest Pyre, One By One (Immortal Cover), Warriors, Ashes Of The Damned, Hecate, Outstrider, Winterbane, To War! 

OBITUARY Set List:  Intro (Snortin’ Whiskey), Redneck Stomp, Threatening Skies, By The Light, Chopped In Half, Turned Inside Out, Dying, Straight To Hell, Find The Arise, I’m In Pain, Internal Bleeding, Godly Beings, Immortal Visions, Suffocation, Words of Evil, ENCORE:  A Dying World, Slowly We Rot, Outro (Dancing Queen)

 Olve Eikemo is best known as Abbath Doom Occulta, a founding member of black metal band Immortal.  Abbath is a big KISS fan and his stage make-up/costume is reminiscent of Gene Simmons; when Abbath stuck his tongue out several times onstage it was clear that he idolized KISS and is a card carrying member of the KISS Army.

 Abbath, the band, was started in 2015 and have recorded two full length studio releases; “Abbath” (2016) and “Oustrider” (2019)

 The current line up of Abbath consists of: Abbath (Vocals/Guitar), Ole Andre Farstad (Lead Guitar), Rusty Cornell (Bass), Ukri Suvilehto (Drums)

 Abbath took the stage at 8:30 PM sharp under the cover of fog and slayed the crowd for an intense hour.  Abbath, the man, reminded me of my old Boston Terrier in the face, his make up design is meant to be menacing but actually comes off anything but menacing.

 The band surprised the crowd with “One By One”, an Immortal song in raw musical form.  Lead guitarist Ole played his ass off while Abbath held the rhythm parts together.  Drummer Ukri had the weirdest make up design and it was hard to figure out if he was having fun or trying to scare people because he was hidden behind the Abbath logo.

When Abbath’s set concluded a small portion of the crowd left which caused the crowd to shift slightly.  At Abbath’s merch table fans could buy shirts, jerseys, and body armor; the Abbath Socks ($25 a pair) were the item of choice on this night.

 Florida Death Metal pioneers Obituary closed the show and performing after the Abbath set was no easy task.  The tuned down, sludge riffs and no frills approach fell flat compared to Abbath’s theatrical presentation.  

 Interesting sidenote:  Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and guitarist Kenny Andrews were members of the Andrew WK band for three years when Obituary decided to go on hiatus.  Nothing performed by Obituary at this show remotely resembled anything by Mr. Andrew WK.

 Obituary’s set opened with a five minute instrumental and the most action in the mosh pit occurred while Obituary were onstage.

 For a Wednesday night in Baltimore it was shocking to see a large turnout; the venue was filled with die hard Abbath and Obituary fans and the show ended a little after 11 PM when Obituary ended their set and “Dancing Queen” by Abba began to play throughout the club.

Author: Bob Suehs