Dec 21, 2019

KIX - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 KIX Set List:  Kix Are For Kids, The Kid, No Ring Around Rosie, Get It While It’s Hot, The Itch, Girl Money, For Shame, Mighty Mouth, Sex, Love Me With Your Top Down, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Bang Bang, Cold Blood, Blow My Fuse, Midnight Dynamite

 The annual Rams Head Live KIX-Mas show went off without a hitch on December 21, 2019 when the boys performed their last show of the year.  Steve Whiteman performs like a man half his age and it’s impressive that the band still sounds amazing 40 years into their career.

 Rams Head Live was sold out, the beers were flowing, and at the merch booth new merch included a vintage “The Shooze” shirt which was the original name of KIX, and a KIX “Hammer” X-Mas ornament.

 The set list was mixed up and it was nice to hear them add a rare gems like “Mighty Mouth” and “The Kid” alongside standards like “The Itch”, “Cold Blood”, and “Blow My Fuse”.

Whiteman told the crowd at one point to put away all of the cellphones and to stop recording the show.  He told the audience that he didn't use Youtube of social media to watch concerts and he preferred everyone experience KIX in concert and not online.  He snickered that he was an old man and just didn't use that stuff.

 The interesting side note to this show is how it ended.  Whiteman asked the crowd if they wanted “Yeah Yeah Yeah” or “Midnight Dynamite” as the closer.  The crowd unanimously decided on “Midnight Dynamite” which closed the show with the bands ceremonial balloon toss.

 KIX will headline opening night of the M3 Rock Fest at Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 1, 2020. 

Author: Bob Suehs