Jan 6, 2020

Posehn - "Grandpa Metal"

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“Grandpa Metal”

 Brian Posehn is best known as the heavy metal loving comedian who has appeared in Rob Zombie movies as well as the TV Sitcom “Just Shoot Me”.  Posehn typifies the definition of a metal fan, his self proclaimed nerdy presence is the selling point on his debut metal release titled “Grandpa Metal” which hits shelves on February 14, 2020 via Megaforce Records.

 “Intro To Satan” opens the record and it’s essentially a parody of “In The Beginning” by Motley Crue.  Jacob Bunton from the band Lynum performs organ on this track.  This leads into “Satan’s Kind of a Dick” which is a five minute shred fest that details how the devil does not play Slayer in hell!  “Satan Is Kind of a Dick” features music by Scott Ian and a solo from Slayer/Exodus guitarist Gary Holt

 “Scary Nightmare” is a spoken intro where Brian’s grandmother explains to him that he’s “One Quarter Viking, Three Quarter’s Pussy”. For this song the vocals feature a death metal growl while delivering quirky comedic lyrics. The Music end of this song was written/performed by Scott Ian with a guest solo from Alex Skolnick.

 “Big Fat Metal” is a song about Brian’s penis and part of the lyrics state simply, “I’m talking about my cock!”  The lyrics are funny and very Steel Panther-ish.  This song features a guitar solo from Phil Demmel.

 “My Phone Call With Weird Al” is an actual call with Weird Al where Brian asks Al if he can do a song called “Trump” based off the song “Lump” by Presidents of the United States.  Al explains to him that “Lump” is not his song but Brian doesn’t understand.

 “Take On Me” is a cover originally performed by the band AH-HA and this metalled up version sounds exactly like you think it will.

 “Grandpa Metal” opens with a chat between Scott Ian and Brian which leads into this chunky riff metal anthem.  The lyrics to this song pay homage to Scott Ian’s musical history and references Anthrax and S.O.D..  Scott Ian handles the music on this track and the guitar solo is performed by Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil.

 “New Music Sucks” opens with a comedy bit about how new music sucks and Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Mumford and the sh*tty Sons are all called out.  

 “Goblin Love” is a weird song that gets a tad too Dungeons and Dragons-ish.

 “Monster Mosh” is self explanatory.  

 “The Fox” is a song about that childhood toy that tells children what noise animals make.  This song also features Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Michael Starr from Steel Panther on guest vocals.

 The record ends with “Super Secret Track” which is Brian mocking the fact that the listener has made it to the end of the record.

 Overall this is a fun record, it’s a mash up of comedy and metal with Brian’s trademark humor as the focal point.  Musically this record is comparable to everything by Steel Panther because it’s comedy/parody metal and the jokes appeal to metal fans. 


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Author: Bob Suehs