Feb 4, 2020

KISS / David Lee Roth - PPL Center

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PPL Center

Allentown, PA

 KISS Set List:  Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Say Yeah, I Love It Loud, Heaven’s On Fire, Tears Are Falling, War Machine (Gene Fire), Lick It Up, Calling Dr. Love, 100,000 Years, Drum Solo, Cold Gin, Guitar Solo, Gene Blood, God Of Thunder, Psycho Circus, Parasite, Love Gun, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Black Diamond, ENCORE:  Beth, Crazy Crazy Nights, Rock and Roll All Nite

 DAVID LEE ROTH Set List:  You Really Got Me, Just Like Paradise, Unchained, Panama, Jamie’s Cryin’, Tobacco Road, Runnin’ With The Devil, California Girls, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody, Jump


 KISS continued their “End Of The Road” World Tour in 2020 with a tour stop in Allentown, Pennsylvania on February 4.  The weather on this day was unseasonably warm and in the low 60’s with rain pouring throughout the day.

 KISS utilized a painter for the 2019 leg of their tour; for 2020 they decided to mix it up and add former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth as opener.  Roth’s set was an amusing romp through his luxurious career with a heavy emphasis on his Van Halen years.  

Roth had a shaky moment or two when he debuted his residency in Vegas earlier this year but on this night he fixed those bugs and his performance was a fun experience.  Roth was chock full of energy, commanded the audience’s attention, did his trademark kicks, and alongside his excellent band delivered a great performance!

 Roth’s backing band sounded great and did justice to his solo material as well as the Van Halen era stuff.  “Runnin’ With The Devil” was a highlight of the set and the moment where the audience went crazy.

 KISS left little to the imagination and gave the crowd their monies worth with pyro, theatrics, performance, and overall showmanship.  There is no better live stage show than KISS, they are the originators of true over the top arena rock concerts!

 Paul Stanley is still an amazing frontman, Gene Simmons will always be the God of Thunder, and Tommy & Eric have truly revitalized the band over the years.

 The set list was fairly standard with two new additions, “Tears Are Falling” off the “Asylum” album and KISS classic “Parasite”.

 For a Tuesday night in Pennsylvania this show was not a total sell out but it was close.   This was a night to celebrate the history of KISS and forget about the outside world; KISS-World made everyone forget about the harsh realities of everyday life for about 120 minutes.

 At the Merch table there were several new shirt designs and a standard t-shirt would set you back $50.  For the most part this leg of the tour was very similar to the 2019 legs of the tour with minimal changes that kept the show fresh for 2020.

 Gene did the blood and fire routine, Paul went into the crowd for “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”, Eric sang “Beth” while playing piano, Tommy shot pyro from his guitar, and the night ended with Paul smashing a guitar; all standard KISS concert cliche’s which fans expect from every show.

 After Eric performed “Beth” he tossed out several drumsticks and when Gene messed with Eric while he was tossing out sticks Eric took his drumsticks and began banging on Gene’s codpiece jokingly.

 Paul commented that he was getting the crowd warmed up throughout the night, by the time they started the encore Paul joked that he was still talking about getting the crowd warmed up and they were 2 songs from the end of the show.

 During “Rock N Roll All Nite” Gene and Tommy were carried throughout the venue by large cranes; when their cranes met in the middle of the arena they began having a pick tossing war and threw guitar picks at each other; fans underneath them were treated to a flurry of falling guitar picks!

 Random sidenotes about the PPL Center:  The food selections were impressive, this venue offers more than carnival food.  All parking lots had the low price of $10 for parking.  The PPL Center had great staff and overall the venue is clean and nice.  The venue used gas powered leaf blowers to clean up the confetti covered arena when the show ended.

Author: Bob Suehs