Apr 14, 2020

Godsmack Sully Erna addresses Tour cancellations

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On Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM radio show today (4/14/20) Eddie spoke exclusively to Sully Erna from Godsmack.

When asked about touring Sully stated:

"We were going out with The Pretty Reckless for a major tour July - September but all of that is gone now."

Trunk: so even the stuff for July, August, & September are blown out now?

Sully: I think so man because I don't see this thing resolving itself to the point where people are going to want to jump into large crowds yet, I do think we are going to eradicate this thing and I have high hopes that this is going to end soon but I do think there is going to be a lag where people are gonna:

A. Maybe I'm not gonna go right to a concert yet or be around large groups of people while this thing is still lingering on or

B. With people losing houses and jobs and stuff like that I think when it comes back they are going to be like, alright, now that it's over lets get back to work but I should probably replenish my checking account before I start buying concert tickets. So for me, we decided, you know what, let's not try to jam ourselves in for the Fall, we were at the tail end of this record anyways, so this gives us time to work on a new album, and also be first to pick the venues next year, where we want to go to, the tour busses that we want, the days that we want to be at those venues, the markets we want to be in, and lets just book ahead of time and be first next year instead of trying to find our little piece of real estate this Fall with every other band that's going to try to go out and tour.

Trunk: Will you still do meet & greets?

Sully: it is going to change for sure but I think it's really going to be dictated by the public. It will change some bad habits. You don't want to be coughing into someone's face and shake their hand. You gotta get rid of some of these dumb habits & desensitize yourself from touching your face all the time.

Sully is doing a live broadcast via his youtube page every Tuesday & Thursday. Check out his page for dates & times

Author: Bob Suehs