Apr 30, 2020

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“Sings Elvis”

 The latest release by Mr. Glenn Danzig has been in the works for quite a few years.  It’s a no brainer that Glenn adores Elvis and on this record he pays homage to the King of Rock N Roll like only Glenn could.  

 Initially I thought this record was cheesy and off the wall with a weird mix of random Elvis covers which offered questionable studio production while delivering a distinct, dark vibe which captures the essence of these early Elvis recordings.

 “Is It Strange” - dark, deep, and devilishly flavored with vocals like only Glenn could deliver.

 “One Night” - Hands down my personal favorite off this record!  Bluesy, Blistering, and Ballsy; this one is the best of the best!

 “Lonely Blue Boy” - Sleeper hit for sure, this one is solid.

 “First In Line” - Brooding and almost boring with it’s sullen slowness yet this track delivers something unique which makes it totally memorable.

“Baby Let’s Play House” - Swingin’ rocker with catchy rock n roll guitars licks; the only weird thing is hearing Glenn sing, “Baby, Baby, Baby” in the most non evil way!  This is actually one of the must hear tracks off this record!

“Love Me” - Dark, deep, and evil.

“Pocket Full Of Rainbows” - This one is an odd choice, it doesn’t totally fit the vibe of this record and offers a different style.

“Fever” - Possibly the most commercial song Glenn has ever covered.  Nothing needs to be said about this track.

“When It Rains It Really Pours” - Classic 50’s styled rock n roll, this one clocks in under 2 minutes and is exactly what I hoped the record would sound like!

“Always On My Mind” - Hauntingly beautiful, mysterious, and exactly what you might expect from Glenn 

“Loving Arms” - Classic Elvis, this one sounds great.

“Like A Baby” - 50’s rocker, this one sounds great as well.

“Girl Of My Best Friend” - This one could have easily been covered by The Misfits, it’s a slice of early Elvis and Glenn does a great job.

“Young and Beautiful” - A somber track to close this record on.  

 Danzig Sings Elvis is an interesting listen, it’s easy to overlook the attempts Glenn made to be accurate in his tribute to the King of Rock N Roll but if you look and listen closely you realize just how much attention went into details such as minimal production, simple arrangements, and while Glenn pays homage to Elvis he also interjects his own style to the project which makes this a must hear release!

Liar, Flower

“Geiger Counter”

 Running time: 12 tracks, 48 minutes and 38 seconds

Geiger Counter is the debut album from Liar, Flower -- the latest combo led by KatieJane Garside, frontperson for UK based Daisy Chainsaw (who gained American attention when their video was featured on MTV’s Beavis and Butthead in the 90’s), and Industrial band Test Department among others.

 Liar, flower is a new take on the band Ruby Throat, which consisted of Garside and multi-instrumentalist Chris Whittingham. As Ruby Throat, the duo released four albums and an EP between 2007 and 2017, as well as their 2018 compilations Stone Dress and Liar, Flower.

 KatieJane Garside hit the UK music scene with furious frenzy as frontwoman for the band Daisy Chainsaw and quickly established herself as icon of the alt-girl underworld with her messy hair and tattered dress shrieking 'Love Your Money’.

Her next venture was QueenAdreena which was much darker and bolder than Daisy Chainsaw.  She served as lead singer for the percussion-centric Industrial band Test Department and after QueenAdreena she'd front lalleshwari and Hector Zazou's Corps Electronique before settling down for the long haul with Chris Whittingham as collaborator in Ruby Throat and now Liar, Flower.

 Courtney Love proclaimed KatieJane as one of the three instigators of the "Riot Grrrl" scene, and Madonna tried to sign her (unsuccessfully) to her Maverick label. Katie has since gone on to inspire and enthuse a new generation of artists including Arrow De Wilde of Starcrawler, all while keeping her mysterious and creative integrity intact, a true artist in every sense.

 Here’s the breakdown for “Geiger Counter”

 “I Am Sundress (She of Infinite Flowers)” - Mellow, angelic, and seemingly dreamy with elements of cherubic elegance.

 “My Brain Is Lit Like An Airport” - This rocker sounds like old school Daisy Chainsaw.  Bass heavy, screaming vocals, and chock full of 90’s angst.  Call This the second coming of Daisy Chainsaw!

 “9N - AFE” - This ambient, moody track starts off as an instrumental; the vocals are minimal yet expressive.

 “Mud Stars” - Artsy rock with quirky guitar riffage.  This song has lyrics which read like poetry.

 “Broken Light” - soft, subtly gentle and only the ending will wake up the listener.

 “Even Through The Darkest Clouds” - Sonic Youth inspired, post grunge alt rock with sultry vocals.

 “Blood Berries” - Instrumentation with minimal vocals

 “Little Brown Shoes” - Oddly timed, weird and wonderfully dark.

 “Baby Teeth” - Mellow, deep, and tramatizingly mezmorising.  

 “Hole In My Head” - Reminds me of Bjork at times, weird and wonderful.

 “Geiger Counter” - Delicate ,dark, and beautifully memorable.

 “Doors Locked, Oven’s Off” - The Closing track for this record, tragedy meets terrific in this 2 minute closer.




“Let The Chaos Reign” / “Work”

 Pop Evil released two brand new singles, the bands first new music since 2018.  Pop Evil had to postpone their entire “The Versatile Tour” with details regarding new dates to be announced soon.  (This review was written 4/30/20).  

 “Let The Chaos Reign” is easily the heaviest song the band has ever released and this one rocks hard!  The song is an anthemic anecdote to the times we live in and will be a sure fire hit with live crowds once the band is able to take the stage again.

 “Work” is a chunky, guitar driven track that blends modern elements with classic hard rock.  The dark drumming eclipses the classic rock feel and electronic elements make the song sounds slightly like “Sail” by Awolnation.



"Crawl" single


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Author: Bob Suehs