Apr 30, 2020

RATT Stephen Pearcy updates (4/30/20)

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Eddie Trunk aired a brand new interview with RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy - April 30, 2020 on his Sirius XM radio show and here’s a few excerpts of the conversation:


On The Subject of Ex-Members of RATT

 Trunk: Do you have any contact with any former members of the band? 

Pearcy: No, No, but there’s no craziness and it’s smooth waters and life is good and like I say, Juan and I are just taking care of business and trying to just have a good time.  Get out there and continue to shake it up.

 Trunk:  It seems like Warren (DeMartini) and Carlos have been very quiet since things went down so you guys don’t have dialogue with them at all?

Pearcy:  Mmm Mmm, No

Trunk:  and you know the fans always ask about Warren, you know that.

Pearcy:  Yeah, well, we hope everyone’s just fine and dandy. (laughs)and that’s it, ya know what I’m saying?  


On The Topic of adding a 2nd guitarist:

Trunk: Are you going to continue as a 4 piece with just Jordan on guitar or will you add a 2nd guitarist?

Pearcy:  We will definitely have another guitar player and it won’t be some big announcement, Jimmy Page is (not) pulling in, we’re going to get somebody to take care of business and everybody will know when it happens.


 On The Topic of the new RATT Geico commercial:

Trunk: I would imagine it’s a pretty good payday being in a Geico commercial?

Pearcy:  Yeah (cough cough), business my friend

Trunk:  I’d imagine it’s a pretty good payday?

Pearcy:  It’s all business my friend.


On The topic of touring:

Trunk: What sort of concerns do you have going forward

Pearcy: We have yet to talk about it but it’s quite obvious you know, whatever safety measures can happen, I don’t think everyone is a pariah, but as far as what I do after the solo stuff, I will probably do the larger venues and take on as many people as possible, but no, pretty much no meet and greets if that’s the case, that’s a good question. Can You do a meet and greet?  I don’t know.  We will see.  

(Trunk alludes to the possibility of them doing a virtual meet and greet where fans talk to the band via a screen)

That’s like watching (Ronnie James) DIO when he’s not up there, no man, that’s not good.  I don’t know man, we will find out.  


On The Topic of when Pearcy will retire from touring:

Pearcy:  I'm thinking about lately, actually.  Who knows, I'll slow down a bit maybe in a year or so, we will see what happens.

Trunk:  When that day comes will you do a farewell tour or just go away quietly?

Pearcy:  No I wouldn't, I would still play, I'd still be in the business somehow, I'd do the label thing more, I have other interests that I'm into, like mega things, and so I would be busy but never stop playing, of course not, but as far as touring bands, the way bands tour these days anyway, the good three months out there is pretty much a standard.  Three month tour, then you play here, you play there, and see what happens for a couple of years and assess the situation then.


 RATT postponed the first half of their tour due to Coronavirus which was slated to start on May 29, 2020.  The band currently has June 19, 2020 in Ashland, VA slated as the opening date for their Big Rock Summer Tour with Tom Keifer, Skid Row, and Slaughter as openers.  Pearcy released a new solo song "All I Want" available on his website.


Author: Bob Suehs