Aug 7, 2009

Dave Lombardo (Slayer) - 2009

I had the opportunity to interview Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in Camden, New Jersey & I was given 5 minutes with the man, so I fired off as many questions as I's how the interview went!
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I had the opportunity to interview Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in Camden, New Jersey & I was given 5 minutes with the man, so I fired off as many questions as I's how the interview went!

Rock N Roll Experience: How's the Mayhem Fest been for you?

Dave Lombardo: It's been great, it's been really good, the shows are strong, I mean we can't ask for more! Manson is great, he puts on an awesome show, we are all getting along, we hang out together on occasion, I couldn't ask to be on a better tour!

Rock N Roll Experience: I had heard that after the 2007 co-headlining Manson/Slayer tour that it was hinted that there would never do another tour with Manson?

Dave Lombardo: You can't believe everything (you hear), I mean we hosted him on our tour, the Unholy Alliance tour, & then in return they said, Hey Guys, why don't you come out on our tour..the Mayhem tour, so I think that might have been a rumor.

Rock N Roll Experience: When the Mayhem Fest is done, what's next for Slayer?

Dave Lombardo: We do Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the 2 Wacken Festivals on the 28th & 29th of August, South America, of course the release of the new record in the 2nd or 3rd week of September....just non-stop touring for probably the next 12 months.

Rock N Roll Experience: With alot of the 80's hair bands, you see a situation where they have one or 2 original members still in the band & the rest are "new" members...if one of the core members of Slayer were no longer in the band, would the band carry on?

Dave Lombardo: Well, that's really hard to say...Obviously, if it's Tom I think it would be very difficult & maybe the easiest position to fill for them was when I left, they just got another drummer & continued, but I don't see it quite that easy maybe with getting another member in Slayer, I mean, you can't replace Tom, Tom is Tom, the sound of his vocals...and the guitar playing is the same could probably find some guitar player that could mimic what Jeff plays, or what Kerry plays, but it wouldn't have their soul or their spirit in the way that they play, so you could copy it, but you can't really duplicate their performance.

Rock N Roll Experience: I actually saw the Clash of the Titans tour years ago with Slayer, Alice in Chains, Megadeth & Anthrax...would you ever consider doing a Clash of the Titans reunion tour with the same billing?

Dave Lombardo: Maybe not with that line up, but there are rumors going around that we might be doing something in the states with Mustaine...with Megadeth.

Rock N Roll Experience: So is the feud totally patched up now, because there was a feud with Kerry & Dave Mustaine.

Dave Lombardo: You know, there was, but I don't really think there's anything going on right now, because we did like 4 shows with Megadeth up in Canada & Kerry didn't come across Mustaine at all, so I guess everything is ok.

Rock N Roll Experience: But you're good with Dave Mustaine, right?

Dave Lombardo: Yeah, I don't have any enemies! (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: So when you left Slayer, did you get the same satisfaction in your music that you did with Slayer?

Dave Lombardo: Absolutely! Yeah, I loved doing the stuff with Mike Patton, I loved doing the all the avant guard music that I did & the jazz stuff, the classical stuff, some of the movies that I did, but that doesn't stop...things are continuing, right now I am in the process of closing a deal to put some drums down on a skateboard video for Volcom Entertainment, for Jeff Roley, he's like a famous skateboarder, so it's really exciting, there's a movie that I'm gonna do soundtrack stuff for when I get back home...rhythmic, tribal kinda shit.

Rock N Roll Experience: So would you ever do a Dave Lombardo solo record?

Dave Lombardo: would be very avant guard, very left field, very strange, very weird, & it would revolve around drums alone & rhythms & maybe moods & textures, but everything involving drums....I mean, it's in the works, I AM working on it, but I don't know when I'm gonna release it...hopefully by 2010..who knows?

Rock N Roll Experience: Are there any bands on this tour that you want to jam with?

Dave Lombardo: Bullet (For My Valentine) are great, they're a great bunch of guys, it would be great jamming with them, I could see that in the future because we get along so great....we hang out all the time, & Manson of course...that would be a great drumming style & would be fun.

Author: Bob Suehs