May 26, 2020

Trunk praises Pedo Drummer 6/26/20

Category: Live Reviews


On May 26, 2020 radio Host Eddie Trunk, via his Sirius X M radio show, celebrated former Judas Priest drummer who was a convicted pedophile, and basically stated that regardless of his sketchy past that he did his time and you cannot deny how good of a drummer he was.

 Dave Holland joined Judas Priest in 1979 and was a member for 10 Years before leaving because of health and family issues.

 In 2004, Holland was arrested and later found guilty by a jury at Northampton Crown Court of one count of attempted rape and five counts of indecent assault against a 17-year-old male with learning difficulties. The offenses occurred at Holland's home in 2002 against a boy to whom he had been hired to give drum lessons. 

 After the verdict Judge Charles Wide told the court that Holland had "Deliberately and calculatedly planned a strategy to abuse a boy who he knew was exceptionally vulnerable”.

Holland denied all charges telling the court "There might have been the odd hug or something like that. I know it is politically incorrect nowadays, but kids like to be shown a bit of affection.”

It was revealed at trial that the victim had occasionally spent the night at Holland's house while taking lessons, and his parents learned of what Holland was doing when they received a letter from their son detailing the sexual abuse. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. In an interview during the criminal proceedings, Holland revealed publicly for the first time that he was bisexual.

 Eddie Trunk acknowledged that what Holland did was wrong yet acted shocked when he spoke of how Judas Priest tried to distance themselves from Holland.  



Author: Bob Suehs