Jun 10, 2020

Will Quiet Riot continue without Frankie Banali?

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Eddie Trunk interviewed Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali on his SiriusXM show 6/10/20.

Trunk asked Banali about the possibility of Quiet Riot carrying of after Frankie's passing.

Trunk: Ever since Kevin Dubrow passed away you have been steering the Quiet Riot ship and I remember the documentary about it, somewhat controversial that you were the guy taking the lead and you are still doing the band without Kevin and that's alot of what the Quiet ariot documentary that your wife did was about. You've always been very transparent about things. When and if the day comes where Frankie Banali, for whatever reason, your health, your energy, you know, you're not with us anymore tragically....Frankie Banali can't play in Quiet Riot, does the band end then or we have seen alot of for instances where the band goes on and had no original members or one guy that was there for a little bit and continued the name going forward. What do you want to see happen? Would you give it your blessings, would you be ok with a Quiet Riot that doesn't have Frankie Banali for whatever reason? Or, when you can't do it anymore is that when the name gets put to rest? What is your position on that?

Frankie: Well, first of all, I understand where you are coming from, that after Kevin passed away I took over, I think it's important to understand that when the band asked me to manage them in 1993 that's really when I started restructuring everything and paying attention to how ammends were made by Kevin for some of the things that happened and so forth, so this has been something that I've been doing in a building process since 1993, not since 2007. As far as what might or might not happen post my demise, you're just going to have to wait and see how that chapter plays out. 

Trunk: But that is something you have to put in place, right? If you control the name then that's not going ro be able to happen, and look, I hope you're around forever and can keep doing this forever but you know there are very differing schools of thought. You've got every case out there, I mean Foreigner have basically been touring for years with no original members, some people accept it, some don't, some don't even know, in the broader picture Frankie, how do you feel about all that. Are you somebody that believes that a band has to have atleast one or an anchor of an original or classic member or are you ok with these bands going on in perpetuity?

Frankie: Well, you know, this is a really tough business where, especially the genre that we are talking about, 30 or 40 years past the expection of all of this, my position is basically that everybody is entitled to make a living provided they are in a position to do so and what's gonna happen is gonna happen or not happen with Quiet Riot after I'm gone and like I said, you're just gonna have to wait and see how that chapter reads.

Quiet Riot's next performance is slated to take place on July 4 in Arkansas.


Author: Bob Suehs