Jun 18, 2020

Motley Crue / Def Leppard announce rescheduled tour dates!

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Live Nation are scrambling to keep their business in tact; the consumers were initially held hostage by the companies change in refund policy which did not allow any refunds on postponed shows.  Live Nation later changed that policy but offered consumers a limited time frame to request a refund.  Fans scrambled to request large refunds on huge summer tours which included VIP Meet and Greet packages that are longer taking place.  Ticketmaster’s website has no Meet and Greet options listed for all of their current on sale shows

 In the case of the Motley Crue / Def Leppard tour, the organization chose to hold onto fans hard earned money in the face of a world wide pandemic which cancelled nearly EVERY event from Broadway Theater shows to major sporting event seasons.

 Live Nation furloughed 20% of it’s workforce as part of a $600M cost Cutting package which affected 2,100 of their employees

 Live Nation held onto the presale ticket money for the Motley / Leppard tour with no cancellation/postponement announcement until just 2 weeks before the Tour’s kickoff.

 Fans who bought tickets to postponed shows from Live Nation received the following message:

“Hang on to your tickets — we’ll email you as soon as the new date is announced.

Please Note: Your event organizer is not allowing refunds at this time. Given the unprecedented circumstances, event organizers are constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding refunds.”

 No refunds were issued UNTIL they announced a rescheduled date. 

 Once the rescheduled date has been announced fans have exactly 30 days to request a refund.  After that they lose their option to request a full refund.  No official announcement has been made in regards to VIP packages which offered fans a meet and greet with the artist(s) but on TicketMaster’s website meet and greet options are no longer listed.

 It was announce via RollingStone on June 17, 2020 that artists would be taking a 20% pay cut which will decrease the guarantee artists receive prior to a show instead of the 100% which they typically receive.  Also, if an artist cancels a show for any reason which violates their contract they are penalized and must pay the promoter two times their own free.

 The full memo, taken from Rolling Stone, states:

“The global pandemic has changed the world in recent months and with it the dynamics of the music industry. We are in unprecedented times and must adequately account for the shift in market demand, the exponential rise of certain costs and the overall increase of uncertainty that materially affects our mission. In order for us to move forward, we must make certain changes to our agreements with the artists. The principle changes for 2021 are outlined below.

Artist Guarantees: Artist guarantees will be adjusted downward 20% from 2020 levels.

Ticket Prices: Ticket prices are set by the promoter, at the promoter’s sole discretion, and are subject to change.

Payment Terms: Artists will receive a deposit of 10% one month before the festival, contingent on an executed agreement and fulfillment of marketing responsibilities. The balance, minus standard deductions for taxes and production costs, will be paid after the performance.

Minimum Marketing Requirements: All artists will be required to assist in marketing of the festival through minimum social media posting requirements outlined in artist offer.

Streaming requirements: All artists will be required to allow their performance to be filmed by the festival for use in a live television broadcast, a live webcast, on-demand streaming, and/or live satellite radio broadcast.

Billing: All decisions regarding “festival billing” are at the sole discretion of the promoter.

Merchandise: Purchaser will retain 30 % of Artist merchandise sales and send 70% to the artist within two weeks following the Festival.

Airfare and Accommodations: These expenses will be the responsibility of the artist.

Sponsorship: The promoter controls all sponsorship at the festival without any restrictions, and artists may not promote brands onstage or in its productions.

Radius Clause. Violation of a radius clause without the festival’s prior authorization in writing will, at the festival’s sole discretion, result in either a reduction of the artist fee or the removal of the artist from the event, with any pre-event deposits returned to the festival immediately.

 Ironically, the day after this announcement was made, the Motley / Leppard tour announced rescheduled tour dates with a statement that said:

 “All Tickets will be honored for the new dates.  If you are a ticket holder and cannot make the new show you will receive an email from your ticket provider.”

 Fans now have 30 days to officially request a full refund for the Motley / Leppard tour and there are rumors that when the tour happens in 2021 there may be a change in the billing.


Ailing Quiet Riot drummer posts on his social media, " Let's Make This Very Simple and Very Clear....Dear Live Nation....Go Fuck Yourself...Musicians are Not You Indentured Servants...."

Author: Bob Suehs