Jul 1, 2020

Jimmy DeGrasso address Ratt situation (7/1/20)

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Jimmy DeGrasso is an extraordinary rock drummer with a storied past which includes tenures in Suicidal Tendencies, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, and Ratt.  Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Degrasso played the East Coast club circuit then moved to California to take his music career further

DeGrasso was the guest on Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM radio show today (July 1, 2020)

Degrasso stated that he auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne and played on the demos for "The Ultimate Sin" with Jake E. Lee.  DeGrasso said that he had tapes of all the songs he and Jake recorded for "The Ultimate Sin" and that alot of the leftover material which did not make it to "The Ultimate Sin" ended up on the Badlands record.  

 When the topic of Ratt came up DeGrasso had a few interesting comments.

On the topic of Ratt Imploding:

“It was weird, I played with them back in 2014 when they needed a drummer, I did like three shows with them and then they sort of went silent, and then all of the legal stuff started to happen and we all started to talk again so we decided to come out and play, and of course we started on The Monsters of Rock Cruise which was really cool, and the show, I thought, went really well.  We rehearsed three or four days and then we started to book shows and then we started to play and the odd thing about those guys, it’s like, there’s no fighting, like there was no fisticuffs in the dressing room or no screaming or any of that stuff.  It’s just, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes with Warren (DeMartini), Stephen (Pearcy), and Juan (Croucier), so we did pretty much through the end of the Summer and then Stephen (Pearcy) had to have his knee replaced, which obviously is traumatic.  Then we started to talk again, and the next thing I hear is that Warren (DeMartini) is not in the band. (laughs) I’m like, ohhh, ok.  Honestly, I think, you need Warren (DeMartini) in that band, there’s no disrespect to anybody but the band is Warren (DeMartini) and Stephen (Pearcy) for the most part I think, I think most fans would agree.  I don’t know what legal squabbles are going on behind the scenes, I’m not sure.  I don’t know if there’s even any, I guess it’s just a situation, they just can’t coexist, I don’t know."

On the topic of whether he was approached to be in the current version of Ratt without Warren.

“They did for sure and we talked and, you know, we talked a bit, and my issue with it is, like I said, I made it clear with them, I just think the band is strongest when it’s the three of them and Carlos (Cavazo), I mean even Carlos (Cavazo), Carlos (Cavazo) is an amazing guitar player and it was a great chemistry there.  You can, like I said, it’s all public domain, you can go watch the shows from like 2017, they were great.  I don’t know why they can’t keep themselves together, I don’t know like the sub politics, and I told them that.  I just don’t want to be involved unless it’s the real guys.”


Author: Bob Suehs