Jul 8, 2020

Tesla guitarist against Defunding police & PPP rant

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Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam, Green Day, and The Eagles are amongst bands who received loans from the federal Government’s Paycheck Protection Program in order to retain staff amid the current pandemic.

The Eagle’s loan is listed under their touring company and will help to save 50 jobs.  Larger loans between $350,000 and $1 Million dollars were taken out by The Eagles, Pearl Jam, and Disturbed.  Weezer, Imagine Dragons, and Nickelback received loans for over $150,000.

Other acts who received funds were Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Gary Clarke Jr, Cheap Trick, Papa Roach, Incubus, Tool, 311.

Labels including Sub Pop, Third Man, and Knitting Factory also received a minimum of $350,000.

100% of this loan is forgiven (they will not need to pay it back) if at least 60% is spent on income or payroll.

Eddie Trunk had Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon on his SiriusXM show July 8, 2020 and when Trunk asked Hannon about whether or not Tesla had received any of the federal Government’s Paycheck Protection Program money and how he felt about larger acts like The Eagles, Tool, and Guns N Roses receiving those funds Hannon replied:

“Man, I’m still waiting for my unemployment to kick in! (laughs). No, I didn’t hear about that, I’m going to have to look into that and it’s funny, the artists that you mentioned there (Tool, The Eagles, Guns N Roses), I don’t want to rebroadcast any names, but those are some of the artists that are like, against the Government I think, so that’s kinda hypocritical too isn’t it? (laughs). It’s kinda of weird man.  They were all the ones wanting to move to other countries, right?  I better be careful with what I start talking about here, but you know, I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about I’ll have to read about that.  We (Tesla) did file for unemployment and I’m still waiting to receive something for that and uh….you know, yeah.  I’m just really still in shock honestly and disbelief and all of the suffering.  I feel the worst for our road crew and guy that….people don’t realize that when you have a band there’s a lot of other people that are depending on you, ya know?  Truck drivers, the lighting crew, and the sound crew, and people that work for the bands that are out of work.  The venues, the union stage hands, so many people are effected behind the scenes.  (Trunk rambles on for a minute). Based on what you’re telling me, I haven’t read about it and this is really the first that I’m hearing about it and based on what you’re saying there I agree with you 100% percent, It is crazy for these multi million dollar corporate bands to be getting first dibs on the help.  I don’t want to get too into it because I don’t even have all of the information.”

Hannon next went into a rant about how he is pro police and does not agree with the defunding of the Police:

“The world is really hard to explain right now.  I do not agree with the defunding of the police garbage that’s going on, I support the Police. Everyone hates a Cop until you need a cop.  I’ve been in situations where I’ve needed the help of the Police and I saw a story about a New York Police officer, she was a black female officer, God Bless her heart, she was murdered and now her daughter is raising the other kids by herself and it’s just so sad to see how these people are being treated, I mean these are the people that were running into the World Trade Center to help people when that went down, do you know what I mean?  I just wanted to say something about that, that I support the police.  I think they do need to definitely examine and weed out the bad cops that have a bad record, I mean that was horrible what happened to George Floyd and other people and injustices that have happened not only to Black people, but White people, Asian People, Italians, Irish, Everyone has definitely been affected by injustices and so they do need to examine and reform that, but totally getting rid of the Police is just ludicrous.”

Author: Bob Suehs