Jul 13, 2020

Rikki Rockett talks cancelled Motley tour

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Eddie Trunk spoke with Poison drummer Rikki Rockett today (July 13, 2020) on his SiriusXM radio show and when asked about the Motley Crue/Def Leppard tour which has been postponed until 2021 Rockett stated:

"It looks like we're probably going to do more shows next year, so, I mean, that part of it is good but Def Leppard were out last year and we weren't so that was kind of a let down for me because we didn't get out there last year but it is what it is."

Trunk then asked if he meant more stadium shows or more Poison shows and Rockett replied:

"Maybe both, I don't know for sure but I know that was the talk and so we will see if it comes through."

Trunk asked Rockett how far along Poison were with their show/set/stage for the Motley/Leppard tour and Rockett replied:

"We didn't get to a rehearsal stage, I think we were all rehearsing individually, the production was coming together so we had people in place, some of the gear was starting to get in line, the buses, all of that stuff was getting lined up so, yeah, it all got sidelined so everyone was bummed about it, alot of people, we were not headlining so it was a little slimmed down compared to what we normally do but still there were some people counting on that and unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that."

When asked if the members of Poison chose to perform a show without Bret Michaels on vocals as a response to Bret doing solo tours instead of Poison tours Rockett replied:

"I've talked about this, a little bit it was, but it wasn't like a major F You!, nothing like it, it was just like, look, we can do gigs too, and that's all that really was."

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Author: Bob Suehs