Jun 9, 2009

NIN / Janes Addiction - Merriweather Post

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I want to offer a brief set up of this review...I wasn't "officially" working this show, I wasn't covered through band publicists, I didn't set out to "work" this show, I attended it as a fan, I had a seat, & I enjoyed it for what it was...the cool part about the NIN/JA tour was that it was bootleg friendly, ALL fans were allowed to bring in video camera's or taping gear & record EVERY show on this tour! This review is being done simply for the love of the music, I got NO freebie's to cover this one, so my pics are not the best, but you still get the general idea & a good flavor of what the show was like! Enjoy!

Nine Inch Nails / Janes Addiction / Street Sweeper Social Club


Columbia, Md.

On June 9, 2009, the entire state of Maryland was basically under a flood watch...when I initially left my house to head to the NIN/JA tour in Columbia, Maryland it was starting to get pretty damn dark in the sky, but I didn't start to see any serious rain until I'd been on the road for about 10 minutes, then I saw the sky open up, the wind was blowing, the rain was torrential, it was freakin' crazy outside & the entire time I'm thinking to myself, PLEASE stop raining by the time I get to the show, I don't want to walk into the concert totally drenched & at the rate it was raining there truly was a good chance that the show could have been cancelled if there was a power outage & then my other thought was, wow, those poor people who are setting on the lawn for this show are probably crying!

By the time we got to the show, surprisingly, the rain all but stopped, the sky was no longer a deep, deep shade of purple, & the night actually turned out rather pleasant because it cooled down outside, the show was sold out by the time we entered the side gates & when you walked through this crowd you got a sense of unity amongst the crowd...there was both young & old fans there, there were NIN & JA fans there & the show kicked off with a set from Tom Morello's new side project Street Sweeper Social Club. The band played a good rock set that included an MIA cover & when Tom Morello & company ended their set you could hear audience members laughing over what the band did in the middle of their set...on the jumbo screen's the band flashed a number & asked fans to text it so they could send them updates on the band...I don't know, it felt kinda weird to see the band do that, but I guess that's technology for you, huh?

Nine Inch Nails took the stage as co-headliners for the night & their set was really diverse...they played alot o' rare stuff & I think the bulk of their set was "Downward Spiral" heavy for the most part..."Dead Soul" was played along with the standards like "March of the Pigs", "Head Like A Hole" & "Wish"...I was pleasantly surprised "Burn" was played & the nights closer was "hurt" which sounded great, but visually it was kinda boring to watch because the band was basically playing with little or no lights on them & they didn't use the jumbo screen's so all the poor people in the very back probably saw NOTHING! I was shocked that "Closer" was not played since that's one of the bands biggest hits, but that's Trent for you! I might add, Trent Reznor is looking kinda like an ape these days with that very short hair cut & his stocky build...what happened to the Trent that used to look like a rock star?

After NIN finished their set up the stage was cleared & the Janes Addiction drum kit was set in the center of the stage, the amps were placed on each side & that was the basic set up of the stage...the bands intro was a short movie clip & the entire show mostly relied on nothing more the band playing their hearts out song after song! Towards the end of their set there was a mini movie screen set up that was basically part of the large curtain overhead that was lowered 1/2 way down & they showed random movie clips overtop of the bands heads on this large curtain as the band played..it was very trippy to say the least! Perry Farrell & Dave Navarro shined brightly on that stage, but it's clear to see that Perry Farrell IS Janes Addiction...Dave Navarro is a damn good guitarist, but the real J.A. vibe & energy comes directly from the man, the myth, part circus barker, part cross dressing pigmy, Perry Farrell!

Perry drank alot on stage this particular night & when he went to say the word "Dick" he said "Bick" by accident & made himself laugh...he ranted about the government, Seth & MPP, & the band closed with "Jane Says".

I've been checking out set lists from every tour stop on this tour & Janes Addiction rarely changed ANYTHING in regards to their set list, they have a solid set they play every night & regardless of the stock set list, the band brought it, they rocked hard, played great, sounded amazing & they blew NIN off the f**king stage!

An interesting point to note is, this is the last tour for NIN for a very long time, so if you missed this show you totally missed out, not to mention, there were sooo many HUGE rockstars on this concert bill...overall, it was a great night for rock n roll & this was easily the best tour of the Summer!

Author: Bob Suehs