Sep 21, 2020

Ace Frehley disses Tommy Thayer 9/21/20

Category: Live Reviews


Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was the guest on Eddie Trunk’s Sirius XM radio show on August 21, 2020 and during Eddie’s chat with Ace the subject of his former band came up several times.

 Eddie asked Ace what his relationship was like with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley today and Ace replied:

 “I stay in touch with those guys from time to time, Gene called me a couple of weeks ago actually and I still haven’t gotten back to him actually, I’ve been occupied with moving and unpacking, and you know, designing, I’m the architect of this new studio so I’ve been pretty jammed up but I’ll get back to Gene.  I speak to Paul from time to time, I speak to Gene and Peter, we’re all still friends so it’s ashamed that the press makes it out that we all hate each other.  After what we created and what we accomplished you know over the last 40 years; me and Peter, Paul and Gene being the founding members of KISS there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be friends and let bygones be bygones."  

 Trunk then asked Ace if he had hopes of playing with KISS again:

 “I think there’s a possibility but they’d have to reach deep into their pockets (Laughs) I”m not doing it for free, I can tell you that right now." (laughs)

 Trunk spoke with Ace about Bruce Kulick performing on “Manic Depression” alongside Ace on his new record “Origins Vol. 2” and Ace stated that:

 “Out of all of the guitarist that have replaced me with KISS I think Bruce (Kulick) is by far the best guitar player.  He just blows Tommy Thayer off the stage."

Ace later added:

“Bruce didn’t play my solo’s note for note, he kinda made them his own.  Tommy attempts to copy me note for note but he just doesn’t have the swagger or the guitar style or attitude to really make my solo’s sound the way they are supposed to.  Bruce is a more competent musician I think and he changed some of my solos a little to make them his own and I respect him for that."

Author: Bob Suehs