Jan 4, 2021

Dale Crover - "Rat-A-Tat-Tat!"

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 Released on January 15, 2021, Melvin’s Drummer Dale Crover’s sophomore solo release entitled “Rat-A-Tat-Tat!” Is an adventurous romp through 70’s styled rock elements.

 Here’s a track by track breakdown of the release:

 “Moclips” opens the record and it’s an artsy instrumental piece which is more about mood with an emphasis on vibe over traditional song structure.

 “I Can’t Help You There” is the first single off this record and features an interesting video you need to see in order to understand.  Poppy at times with a strong 70’s vibe, this song rocks!

 “Tougher” - as the title implies, it’s got an edge with a stoner groove.

 “Stumbler” - This bass heavy track sounds like it’s falling apart; artsy and over the top.

 “Shark Like Overbite” - Summer vibes oozes from this pop rocker.

 “Supine Is How I Found Him” - Psychedelic and trippy, this instrument has aggressive drums.

 “I’ll Never Say” - Lo-Fi and drowning in melancholy vibes.

 “New Pharaoh” - This track is mostly just drum beats and vibe.

 ”Untrue Crime” - Simple, low key, and hooky.  This song sounds like a Joe Walsh left over.

 “The Bowie Mix” - Influences are clearly from Bowie on this one and at times it sounds like “Jean Genie”.

 “Piso Mojado” - Random drumming

 “Kiss Proof World” - rock, riffs, and randomness make this track the perfect closer for this record.

 All in all, this is exactly what you would expect from 1/2 of the Melvins…weird, wonderful, and artsy af.

Author: Bob Suehs